byron's fancy crocs

Pretty little liar all by yourself, sneak to the park, dig in the dark, telling little lies to make your mark.

Byron’s Crocs

One day Byron Montgomery was shoe shopping with his daughter, Aria- much to her dismay. Aria decided to ditch her father and go to Jason’s house… Can you keep a secret?  Byron couldn’t find Aria anywhere, and instead of worrying uncontrollably over Aria’s whereabouts he seized this opportunity to indulge in his guilty and very secret pleasure: crocs. 

When Byron got home with his fresh pink crocs hidden in a brown paper bag he rushed upstairs to try them on in the very empty house… it went something like this: 

but with crocs. Unfortunately a couple of minutes later Lucas walked in. It went something like this…

Lucas took one look at Byron shaking that thing in bright pink crocs and ran for the hills. On his way he saw Mona and decided to tell her the whole story so that he might feel a tiny bit less suicidle. However, Mona turned out to be a biiiiiit of a psycho… 

I could carry this story on but I really don’t think it should be legal for me to write fiction anymore. The world is not ready!

So if you wondered why we have gone croc-mad all of a sudden, hopefully this is a bit enlightening. If not… just go with it.

Happy Halloween, Bitches. 


Oh baby, that’s just me

Oh baby, that’s just me